About Me

I'm a musician, actor, and writer.  So "THE SCOTT DEWEY EXPERIENCE" will showcase some of what I've done.  Then, when all you booking agents and casting directors out there have gotten over your initial amazement, you can use the "Contact" link to jam the phone lines and broadband cable connections in your desperate rush to get through to me before the next guy or girl in your Biz fills in my calendar . . . .    ;-) 

As an actor, I have worked on projects ranging from feature films to live theater to commercials and music videos.  My film work has involved everything from multi-day shoots on 35mm film to green screen shooting on a Red camera to video shot in some film student's living room.  I provide both comic relief and serious drama.  I get picked for comic roles more often, and I enjoy them greatly, but I have also worked on more serious fare, as with a deadly serious role in Walter Richardson's  festival film, "Forgive Us Our Transgressions."

I have extensive experience as a musician.  I have been an accomplished classical pianist for more than twenty years.  More recently, I have branched out into jazz and blues piano.  I'm also a good solid bass player and a capable violinist.  I play the guitar, though admittedly less well.  I've also sung baritone in a semi-professional choir and have soloed or sung duets in stage musicals.  In addition to musical performance, I have been a DJ for classical or blues radio shows.

Given my interest in acting, music, and recording, I have a special interest in Voiceover work.  I offer a wide range of character types and accents, in addition to my normal somewhat dark, slow baritone voice.  I am in the process of preparing audiobooks of some classic literary works from the nineteenth century.

In connection with my day job as a skilled academic researcher, I am a many-times-published author and one of the nation's leading experts on the history of air pollution.  I also am a former history professor and attorney, but don't worry--I never picked up the lawyer attitude!  I have had a lifelong special interest in environmental and ecological issues, and am an expert on environmental history in general.

Thanks for visiting my site!  And if you need me, you know where to find me!

--Scott Dewey

PS--I should apologize for the annoying fire-crackling sounds.  They came with the website template.  The template was too good to give up, so--hence the fire-crackling sounds.  Feel free to turn down the sound on your computer, or you can download things if you want to hear them without fire crackling in the background.


One of the best film projects I've been in to date, in which I had the most emotionally demanding role I've ever had, got written up in Kodak's online magazine.  As the article mentions, director Walter Richardson's script was unusually powerful.  So if we actors in the cast did our jobs well in bringing the words to life, the final product (still in post-production) should be very good indeed.  Here's the article and a few still photos from that shoot.  [UPDATE, 10/2010--Walter's film is finished and on the festival circuit!]



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