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At long, long last, I've finally put together a video reel.  It includes snippets of my work with various directors: Josh Kafka, Lindsay Morrison, William Battle, Janice & Jeanette Wells-Lipton, Eric Hickey, Doug Neff, Yohei Tateishi, Paul Damen, and hopefully I haven't forgotten anybody.  ["I wish to thank . . . (blah blah blah) . . . ."  ;) ]  The fabulous soundtrack at the beginning of the reel (well, maybe not exactly fabulous . . .) is my original composition, "The No-Good Woman Blues."  Also included are some clips of me playing the bass with the former very fine blues band Indian Nickel at B.B. King's Los Angeles at Universal Citywalk.  I'll also stick in, separately, a relatively long clip from Matt Anderson's film, "Romance and Realism"--a rough cut that's still missing the soundtrack, but it works.  I don't yet have copies of some other significant projects, such as "Hold It Like a Baby," directed by Michael & Tina Love, or "Forgive Us Our Transgressions," directed by Walter Richardson, or "Counting Backwards," directed by Soraya Selene--but when I do, I'll be sure to post some clips.  Enjoy!

3/17/2010--Wait!  Now I do have a few formerly missing items, so here's an updated reel with several new projects directed by Kyla Fenning, Drew Davis, Matt Stone, Soraya Selene, and Michael and Tina Love, as well as some material from the older reel.  Note the great opening shot, borrowed from Kyla Fenning's film, "The Magician's Hat."

New Reel 3-17-2010

Old reel, described above:


Matt Anderson's film, "Romance and Realism."  This project sadly crashed in post-production, I guess due to sound lab/soundtrack difficulties.  Here are some excerpts:


To see my famous "Straitjacket Guy" ad for 3-Day Suit Broker, which ran in prime time during "The Daily Show" and "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, navigate to:


Here are some youtube links to the late, great LA blues band Indian Nickel performing live at B.B. King's at Universal Citywalk and at the Club Fais Do Do (way back in 2007, before the band fell apart):



As usual, the videos ignore the bass player . . . .   :(

More on the way . . . .